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DID Personal Stories, Dissociative Identity Disorder / Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

‘DID Personal Stories’ is a collection of autobiographies from people around the world living with Dissociative Identity Disorder. These stories are raw and unfiltered. Please be advised that some may contain triggering content. We hope that through sharing our experiences, we can spread awareness.

I was unofficially diagnosed in 2001 by a psychiatrist. I had an unofficial diagnosis for a couple of years. I was in therapy, but I got my formal diagnosis in 2010, in December of that year. I was diagnosed by James A.*, a UK psychoanalyst, and Dr. Pat M., a psychiatrist, both of them were from the same centre for trauma and dissociation in the UK.

Having a diagnosis has changed my life in so many ways. It has allowed me to have access to a wonderful mental health team, including my wonderful psychiatrist Dr. B, with whom I’ve been with for the past 5 years. I also have a wonderful therapist with whom I’ve been with for almost six years now.

My system is very large. It is what is known as poly-fragmented, meaning there are more than 100 insiders. Most of our system is made up of kids and teens. We have some adults, but not a lot. We have protectors, darks, powers, etc. We have an extensive internal landscape and inner world.

I wish people knew that we are normal human beings, just like everyone else. The fact that we have DID does not make us monsters.

Blogging has really helped us with internal communication. Reading others blogs has helped, also. I run a DID support group on groups.io called “DID Discussions”. This is like a family to me, it is a very safe place where mutual support is given and received by the members. If you’re interested in joining, you can email me at carol.anne.johnson33@gmail.com. Supporters, friends and family of those with DID are also welcome.

A little more about our contributor:

I am blind and have been blind since birth. I have a wonderful and gorgeous guide dog named Nitro. We are body age 38. And we live in Ireland.

-SH, http://therapybits.com/


*Some names have been changed for privacy



Do you have DID and want to share your story? Email us: stories@imperfectlymama.com


DID Personal Stories: Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder

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