Put Your Phone Down, Mama

Parenting & Family / Friday, April 6th, 2018

Put your phone down, Mama, when you’re feeding your child
or you’ll miss these fleeting, precious moments.
See her toes, the way they push and grab at your arm as you cradle her.
The same toes that you plant tiny kisses on,
the toes that will balance her for her first steps, and every step after that.
See her hands as they reach for you
The same hands that will reach for you during bedtime stories.
The hands that someone else will love one day- every crease and crinkle.
See the small corners of her lips as they pull up in happiness,
the dimple marked just below her bottom lip.
Don’t miss the arising giggles that escape her mouth,
half-moon eyes dancing with innocence and wonder.

Put your phone down, Mama, when you’re feeding your child
or you’ll miss her beaming eyes looking back up at you in love.
Once your shape was blurry to her,
but now she is bathing in the comfort of your beauty.
What you see as flaws to yourself,
she sees as perfection, Mama,
and she loves you.

Put your phone down, Mama, when you’re feeding your child because they grow so fast.
You will miss the weight of her body pressed against your chest at midnight, 2AM, and when the sun begins to rise.
You will miss these moments where all that matters in the world is the connection, giving life to your baby, giving yourself-
syncing your breaths together
in and out.

One day, it’s true, she won’t need you anymore- not like this.
She will be walking away into her own life on the toes that once wiggled against your arms.
And you will all at once think back longingly to these nights of rocking her back and forth, feeding her, loving her.

Put your phone down, Mama,
because you are going to want to remember

Put Your Phone Down Mama; poem, breastfeeding, nursing, newborn


Put Your Phone Down, Mama: A Poem About Breastfeeding



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One Reply to “Put Your Phone Down, Mama”

  1. I absolutely LOVE this. I am so thankful that my babies were born before it became easy to be occupied with your phone. It breaks my heart to see parents so concerned with status updates that they are missing their very own status. And kids who are put in front of a screen while parents even shop!! That is a time for talking and teaching!! Ugh it breaks me so that parents are missing so many chances to connect in the short window of time we are given.

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