Annoying Things People Without Kids Dare to Tell Parents

Parenting & Family / Thursday, May 31st, 2018

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I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for a full 4 months now and I have a secret to tell you: I love every second of it.

It was no surprise to me that I ended up loving my mama day job- every dirty diaper, every snuggle, every sloppy-wet kiss. I even relish my daughter’s cranky mornings. Rarely do I miss going out to bars late at night and doing things that my fellow 20-something’s do; my priorities have changed. I’ve lived my party live to the fullest, and I’m perfectly happy baking cookies at home.

However, a couple of nights ago, a girl friend texted me and asked if I wanted to go out. Normally, my social anxiety would conveniently answer back and reply with, “That sounds so fun! But I have plans, sorry!” But this time I said yes.

I’d like to add here that I changed my outfit about 3 times because I couldn’t even remember what kind of clothes I used to wear when I did go out. I can’t show off my belly button anymore! Tight pants?? Forget it! I don’t even OWN dresses that aren’t specifically designed for breastfeeding. I slapped on some make-up on my eyes and managed to brush my hair for the first time in about a week. She came over to pick me up at the very conservative hour of 4:00PM. We were off. In the car on the way to the first bar, she tells me….

“Ugh, I could never have kids. I’m having too much fun being single.”

That’s great for you, Felicia. I’m happy you’re happy. But I don’t understand this whole parent shaming thing that started happening with young parents. My childless friends are always somehow passively feeling sorry for me. I LOVE my new life and role. I LOVE being a mom. And yeah, been there, done that. I’m now happily married to the most wonderful man I’ve ever met. I’m having fun, too.

Annoying Things People Without Kids Dare to Tell Parents

“We should have a girl’s weekend and go out and meet new people.”

That sounds like the worst idea, literally ever. First of all, being away from my daughter for 3 hours was already hell for me. Secondly, why do people assume that nannies just fall from the sky? If I do find someone else to watch my baby, the first person I’m going out with is my husband.

So, after a 15-minute-car ride (during which I realized that I have nothing in common with people my age group anymore), we get to the bar. I order this sassy St. Germaine drink. I sit down, I take a sip. She introduces me to a coworker she runs into and says, “Yeah, she just had a baby so I decided to take her out for her first night out!” And the guy with the hipster dreadlocks says to me…

“Oh man, I’d want a drink, too, if I had a kid.”

I’m not drinking because I need to escape my life as a mama. I’m drinking because it’s delicious and I happen to love St. Germain.

Suddenly everyone was so interested in me; not like before when I was single. No, they were all fascinated with the fact that I’m 26 with a 4-month-old.

“So, who hates changing diapers the most?”

Uh, no one. We’re adults and we love our daughter.

“Get a babysitter and we can go out tomorrow night, too!”

Ha!! HAHA!! This was the most hilarious comment I had all night. Sure, let me call a stranger that doesn’t know my baby so they can watch her while I take two nights in a row off from my parental responsibilities. See you tomorrow!

“I get it. I just got a puppy.”

No. No, you don’t get it. Yes, puppies are TONS of work, but I’m raising a HUMAN. It’s not remotely the same thing.

“Oh, so you just get to chill at home all day with your kid?”

Yeah, that’s exactly what I do. I chill. Nevermind that just yesterday I literally held my munchkin for 3 straight hours because she was crabby and didn’t want to be out of my arms. (Real talk: have you ever gone to the bathroom while holding your newborn? Being a new mom is crazy!!) Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean I get to lay down and relax. It’s hard work. It’s a full-time job that never ends. I haven’t even been able to blog this past week because every time I sit down at my laptop, her baby-senses go bonkers and she wigs out on me.


When the night was over, I rushed inside my house, scooped up my mini-monkey, and told my husband about my jam-packed night. Then, I happily fell asleep, ready to do my mama thing all over again the next morning.



What’s the most annoying thing someone has told you about being mama? Leave me a comment below!


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3 Replies to “Annoying Things People Without Kids Dare to Tell Parents”

  1. Great post! Beautifully written.
    For me, it was the opposite. People around me didn’t want me to go out or take a break with my husband which annoyed me the most during those initial days!
    But time just passed and now i barely remember all those things 😊

  2. I am so with you!! Thankfully most of our friends have kids as well so it as constant but I prefer being home with my kids over going out with friends EVERY day!! I don’t understand why everyone makes a big deal of getting out without the kids. Why can’t we do something with the whole family?! My oldest is 17 months and we have a 1 month old and I can count on less than 1 hand the number of times I have left them. Sorry but if they aren’t welcome I’m not super interested.

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